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Alabama emergency helpline numbers: Alabama government department helplines

Alabama emergency helpline numbers - When emergencies strike or you're seeking information about essential services, having access to the right helpline numbers can make all the difference. Alabama, a state known for its Southern hospitality, ensures that its residents have access to a wide range of helpline services across various departments. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with a list of helpline numbers for different services, helping you navigate through any situation with ease.

Helpline Numbers in Alabama: alabama phone number Connecting You to Essential Services 24/7

alabama Help Phone Number

Contact numbers have been issued by every department to help the citizens of alabama in any situation, so that they can get help by contacting the related problem and the related department phone number, you can consider it as a small phone number directory, here we have all the Main phone numbers are provided that will come in handy every time

Emergency Services Phone number 

    For help related to Alabama Health and Medical Services, you can contact on these numbers

      Legal and Government Services Phone number

        Law Enforcement and Safety Helpline Number

          Utility and Service Providers Phone Number

          Social Services Contect Number

            Transportation Services Phone Number

              Educational Services phone number

              Environmental Services Phone Number

                Community and Support Services Phone Number

                The University of Alabama Phone Number

                To report a campus emergency, call the University Police at 205-348-5454 or 911.  You may also use any of the Police Phones/Blue Phones located throughout campus.  These phones are connected directly to the University’s police communication center.

                Emergency Numbers
                EmergencyDial 911
                University Police205-348-5454
                Tuscaloosa Police205-349-2121
                Tuscaloosa Fire205-349-1100
                Northport Police205-339-6600
                Tuscaloosa Sheriff205-752-0616
                Alabama State Troopers205-553-5531
                Northstar Ambulance205-345-0911
                DCH Regional Medical Center205-759-7111
                Poison Control Center800-222-1222
                Tuscaloosa SAFE Center205-860-7233


                Alabama Department of Revenue Phone Number list 

                DepartmentService/SectionContact Number
                Business & License TaxTobacco Tax Section334-242-9627
                Severance & License Tax Section334-353-7827
                Motor Fuels Section334-242-9608
                Field Audit Section334-242-9630
                Business & License Tax Assessments334-242-9600
                Collection ServicesCollection Services334-242-1220
                Deputy CommissionerDeputy Commissioner334-242-1175
                Tax IncentivesTax Incentives334-242-1175
                Historic Tax credit 2017 and 2013334-242-1175
                Alabama Historic Commission334-230-2643
                Apprenticeship Credit334-242-1175
                Alabama Office of Apprenticeship334-280-4414
                Film Rebate334-242-1175
                Alabama Film Office334-242-4195
                Growing Alabama Credit, Investment Credit, Port Credit334-242-1175
                Department of Commerce334-242-0400
                Enterprise Zone Credit334-242-1175
                Entity Registration & Processing ServicesProcessing Services334-242-1820
                Entity Registration334-242-1584
                Equal Employment Opportunity OfficeEqual Employment Opportunity Office334-353-5480
                Financial OperationsFinancial Operations334-353-4655
                Human ResourcesHuman Resources334-242-1670
                Income TaxWithholding Tax334-242-1300
                Registration for Business Accounts334-242-1584
                Pass-Thru Entities (S-Corps, Partnerships, Fiduciary, Estates, Trusts)334-242-1170 Option #6
                Individual Income Tax Special Audit-CP2000/EOAD Group334-242-1940
                Individual Income Tax Special Audit-Non-filer Group334-242-1511
                Individual Income Tax Refund Hotline1-855-894-7391
                Individual Income Tax Questions334-242-1170 Option #1
                Individual Income Tax Assessments334-242-1170 Option #1
                Financial Institution Excise Tax Questions334-242-1170 Option #6
                Corporate Income Tax Questions334-242-1170 Option #6
                Business Privilege Tax334-242-1170 Option #8
                Internal Audit/SecurityInternal Audit & Security334-242-3480
                Motor VehicleMotor Vehicle334-242-9000
                Property TaxProperty Tax334-242-1525
                Sales & Use TaxSales & Use Tax334-242-1490 (General Info) or 1-866-576-6531 (Paperless Filing Info)
                Registration for Business Accounts334-242-1584
                Taxpayer AdvocacyTaxpayer Advocacy334-242-1055

                Alabama Crisis Lifeline

                If you are feeling vulnerable or suicidal or are worried about someone, call 988, the national number for all mental health, substance use, and suicide crises. For more information on this lifeline, visit the Alabama Department of Mental Health. 

                Alabama Crisis Numbers

                  National Crisis Resources

                  Government Department Name List in Alabama

                    alabama phone number helpline FQAs 

                    Q1: What are helpline phone numbers used for in Alabama?

                    Ans: Helpline phone numbers in Alabama are used to provide quick and direct access to various government departments, agencies, and services. They help residents obtain information, report incidents, seek assistance, and address concerns.

                    Q2: How do I find the right helpline phone number for a specific service?

                    Ans: You can find helpline phone numbers on official government websites, informational materials, and directories. Online searches, official publications, and contacting government offices directly are reliable ways to access the correct helpline number.

                    Q3: Are helpline phone numbers available 24/7?

                    Ans: Helpline phone numbers may vary in terms of availability. While emergency services like 911 operate 24/7, other helplines might have specific operating hours. Always check the official sources or contact the helpline during their working hours.

                    Q4: What types of services can I access through helpline phone numbers in Alabama?

                    Ans: Helpline phone numbers cover a wide range of services, including emergency services, health-related assistance, legal guidance, tax inquiries, labor issues, transportation queries, and more. These helplines act as a direct link to government resources.

                    Q5: Can I report incidents or concerns through helpline phone numbers?

                    Ans: Yes, many helplines allow residents to report incidents, concerns, or violations related to the respective department's jurisdiction. These reports help authorities address issues promptly.

                    Q6: How can I confirm the authenticity of a helpline phone number?

                    Ans: To ensure authenticity, verify helpline phone numbers through official government websites, official publications, or verified sources. Avoid using numbers from unverified or unsolicited sources.

                    Q7: Are there language options available on helpline phone numbers?

                    Ans: Some helplines may offer language options to accommodate diverse communities. It's best to check with the respective helpline to see if language assistance is available.

                    Q8: Can I ask for confidential assistance through helpline phone numbers?

                    Ans: Many helplines ensure confidentiality when dealing with personal matters. However, it's advisable to clarify confidentiality policies when speaking with the helpline representative.

                    Q9: What do I do if I can't reach the helpline during its operating hours?

                    Ans: If you can't reach the helpline during operating hours, you can check if there are alternative contact methods such as email or online forms. Otherwise, try calling during their next operating hours.

                    Q10: Are there additional resources available beyond the helpline numbers?

                    Ans: Yes, government websites often provide additional information, FAQs, and online services that can complement the assistance provided through helpline numbers. Exploring official websites can be helpful.

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