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calfresh application form : How to Download calfresh application form

Use this application if you are applying for food assistance (CalFresh), cash aid (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids, Refugee Cash Assistance, General Assistance or General Relief), Medi-Cal and/or other health care programs. If you want to apply for CalFresh only, you can ask the County for the CalFresh only application. CalFresh is a food assistance program to help you with the cost of buying food for your household. If you want to apply for health care only, you can ask the county for a health care only application. Health care includes: low-cost insurance for Medi-Cal; affordable private health insurance; or a tax credit that can help you pay your premiums for health coverage. Do not use this application if you are applying for only health care. Your County may have a separate application for General Assistance or General Relief. Ask your County to be sure.

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How to Download the CalFresh Application Form

The CalFresh program, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in other states, provides vital food assistance to eligible individuals and families in California. To apply for CalFresh benefits, you'll need to fill out an application form. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of downloading the CalFresh application form so that you can get started on your application.

How do I calfresh apply?

What do I do next?

      How long will it take?

      It may take up to 30 days to process your application for CalFresh. For cash aid and Medi-Cal, it may take up to 45 days. Ask the County how to get your benefits or health care right away if you have an emergency.

      You may be able to get CalFresh benefits within 3 calendar days if: 

        For cash aid, you may get immediate assistance if:

        Overview  calfresh application form 

        Program Information
        Program NameCalFresh
        Program DepartmentCalifornia Department of Social Services
        Program StateCalifornia
        Program BenefitsMonthly food assistance
        Program EligibilityLow-income individuals and families
        Program DocumentsApplication form, proof of income, ID
        Program Official WebsiteOfficial CalFresh Website

          Informational Page - Please take and keep for your records.

          To help the County see if you can get benefits faster, please complete questions 1, 6 through 9, 15, and 24, and give the County proof of your identity (if you have it) with the application. For General Assistance or General Relief, ask the County how long it will take and about any special rules for getting benefits faster. The County will send you a letter to let you know if your household is approved or denied for the benefits you applied for.

          How to Get EBT Cash Benefits

          What do I need for my interview?

          To avoid delays, bring proof of the following items with you to your interview. Keep your interview even if you do not have the proof. The County may be able to help if you need help getting proof. During the interview, the County will go over the information on the application and will ask you questions to see if you can get benefits and the amount of benefits you can get.

          Proof Needed to Get Benefits

            Proof Needed to Get More CalFresh Benefits

            Additional Proof Needed for Health Coverage

              Top Grants for Single Moms

                Additional Proof Needed for Cash Aid

                  What if I am homeless? 

                  Please let the County know right away if you are homeless so they can help you figure out an address to use to accept your application and get notices from the County regarding your case. For CalFresh and cash aid, homeless means you are:

                    You have a responsibility to:

                    How to Create a BenefitsCal Account Step-by-Step

                      You have the right to:

                        Program Rules and Penalties

                        You are committing a crime if you give false or wrong information, or do not give all the information on purpose to try to get CalFresh, cash aid, and Medi-Cal, that you are not eligible to receive, or to help someone else get benefits that they are not eligible to receive. You must pay back any benefits you get that you were not eligible to receive. If you do this on purpose and receive more than $950 in benefits you were not eligible to receive, you can be charged with a felony

                        How much is the CalFresh Income Limit 

                        Important Information for Noncitizens

                          Opting Out

                          More than 20 ways to get free food How to get food without money

                            Use of Social Security Numbers (SSN)


                                Please take and keep for your records

                                Privacy Act and Disclosure

                                You are giving personal information in the application. The County uses the information to see if you are eligible for benefits. If you do not give the information, the County may deny your application. You have a right to review, change, or correct any information that you gave to the County. The County will not show your information or give it to others unless you give them permission or federal and state law allows them to do so. The County will verify this information through computer matching programs, including the Income and Earnings Verification System (IEVS). This information will be used to monitor compliance with program regulations and for program management. The County may share this information with other federal and state agencies for official examination, with law enforcement officials for the purpose of arresting persons fleeing to avoid the law, and with private claims collection agencies for claims collection action. The County may verify immigration status of household members applying for benefits by contacting the USCIS. Information the County gets from these agencies may affect your eligibility and level of benefits.

                                The County will use the information from your application to check your eligibility for help with paying for health coverage. The County will check your answers using information in state and federal electronic databases and databases from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and/or a consumer reporting agency. If the information doesn’t match, the County may ask you to send proof.


                                It is the State and County’s policy that all people be treated equally, and with respect and dignity. In accordance with federal law and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Policy, discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, political beliefs, or disabilities is strictly prohibited.

                                Work Rules for CalWORKs (Welfare-to-Work)

                                If you get cash aid, you must participate in Welfare-to-Work (WTW) unless you are exempt. The county will tell you if you are exempt from WTW. If you do not do your assigned activities your cash aid may be lowered or stopped.

                                CalWORKs - Fingerprinting/Photo Imaging

                                All eligible adult household members for cash aid must be fingerprinted/photo-imaged. If anyone who is required to cooperate with these rules does not get fingerprinted/photo-imaged, no benefits will be issued to the entire household. The fingerprint/photo images are confidential and can only be used to prevent or prosecute welfare fraud.

                                How do I get/use my benefits? CalFresh and Cash Aid:

                                  Medi-Cal and Health Care:

                                    General Assistance and General Relief:

                                      HOUSEHOLD’S AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE

                                      You may authorize someone 18 years or older to help your household with your CalFresh benefits. This person can also speak for you at the interview, help you complete forms, shop for you, and report changes for you. You will have to repay any benefits you may get by mistake because of information this person gives the County and any benefits you didn’t want them to spend will not be replaced. If you are an Authorized Representative you will need to give the County proof of identity for yourself and the applicant. Do you want to name someone to help you with your CalFresh case?

                                      Download calfresh application form

                                      To download calfresh application form, you can download calfresh application form pdf by clicking on this link

                                      calfresh application form Step-by-Step Guide