Gyanodaya Yojana Free Tablet internet and other great features

The government has started Gyanodaya Yojana to provide free tablet, internet and other best facilities to the students of Jharkhand state according to the increasing digital times. Gyanodaya Yojana Jharkhand, benefites of Gyanodaya Yojana, what is a Gyanodaya Yojana,

Free Tablet Jharkhand

Gyanodaya Yojana For the good education and bright future of the children, the Jharkhand government has taken an important step. Actually, Jharkhand State Government has started Gyanodaya Yojana for school teachers. The purpose of this scheme is to distribute free tablets to the teachers of 42 thousand schools across the state.

What is Gyanodaya Yojana

Jharkhand government is making continuous efforts to make its teachers advance, one of which is Gyanodaya Yojana. With this, students and students can use a tablet to do their work online anytime, anywhere.


Features of Gyanodaya Yojana

  • With the distribution of free tablets and PCs to teachers, it is certain that the state government wants to provide facilities for teachers where they are able to use free internet services to collect learning materials. May be
  • Since the teachers will have internet and table PC facility, they can write their notes digitally for which they will not have to keep any book.
  • The process of monitoring the performance of the students can be easily achieved by the teachers on the tablet PC in real time.
  • Under Gyanodya Yojana it is certain that the aim of the state government is to improve the status and quality of teaching standard given to the students.
  • This scheme will prove to be helpful for interaction between both the students and the teacher.
  • With the implementation of the new scheme, the state government aims to digitize the education sector of the state in various schools.

Objective of Gyanodaya Yojana

The objective of Gyanodya Yojana is not only to do real time monitoring of schools, but it will also help in knowing the learning outcomes of children online. Online monitoring of teachers, children’s attendance, drop out, mid-day meal etc. will be done by the Education Department of Jharkhand through online software.

  • Under the Gyanodya Yojana, the state government is aiming to monitor the number of student dropouts, teacher absenteeism, infrastructure and other activities including quality education within the school premises without disrupting the normal functioning of the schools.
  • The monitoring team also aims to monitor mid-day meal programs and other school related issues through tablet PCs in schools.
  • The school management and education department can also conduct online teacher training programs for teachers.
  • Gyanodya Yojana will also help in improving the education system through organizing e-learning programs.

free tablet and internet

Recently, the cabinet has given approval for Gyanodaya Yojana at a cost of 63 crore 60 lakh rupees. This scheme will empower the teachers to become a good learner. Through the tablet, teachers will be learning new things all the time and getting knowledge from various online sources.

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Document of Free Tablet and Internet

  • aadhar card
  • bank account passbook
  • passport size photo
  • education certificate
  • moolniwas
  • ration card
  • Certificate of Income

Jharkhand Free Table Yojana Apply Process

To apply for this scheme, you have to first go to the official website of the Education Department, after that you have to click on the link of Free Table Gyanodaya Yojana, after that a new page will open in front of you, you will get the form in this, fill this form and submit. In the Education Department of the State Government, the benefit of this scheme will be given to the students at the school level, in which the application from the school will be given according to the number of students.


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