असम लेबर कार्ड कैसे बनाये – Labour Card Application Form Assam

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असम लेबर कार्ड कैसे बनाये

Assam Labour Card – Assam Labor Card also known as Majdur Card and Shramik Card is a card given by the Assam State Government to the Madjuro working in the unorganized sector so that all the benefits of the Mazdoor Card can be given to the right workers in the state of Assam. Mazdoor can apply online for labor card, in this article you will get all the information required from how to create Assam Labor card, documents eligibility etc.

About Assam Labor Card

Assam Labour Card – Majdur Card is an identity card of laborers working in the unorganized sector who are registered under Mazdoor BOCW, each card is given by the Department of Junj, which we call Mazdur Card, these cards are different in different states. Card scheme works differently for every state, if you want to apply for Mazdoor card, then you read this article till the last

Yojana Name Assam Labour Card
About Apply Form, List, Any
Beneifites Any Scheme Available Schemes
Apply Process Online/ Offline
Official website https://labour.assam.gov.in/

Can make Majdur from Assam Majdur card list cone

Assam Labour Card – Here we know that the Majdoor can make his Majdoor card from the cone, that means the Magadur who reduces the Majdoor card in the unorganized sector can make his Majdoor card, but the cone who works in the unorganized sector is included with the Majdoor, here you are given a list in which the unorganized Kshetra is Mazdur Range

Mazdoor Card List

  • Work of Belding
  • Carpenter
  • digging well
  • Roller Rolling
  • shedding
  • Masons
  • Plumbering
  • Blacksmith
  • Mosaic Polish
  • Road Making
  • Mixer run
  • Paint
  • Electric Work
  • Hammer
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Work of installing tiles
  • Removal of sediment from wells
  • Rock breaking or miners
  • Spray work or mixing related to work-road construction
  • Marble and Stone Work
  • Chowkidari – To provide security at the construction site
  • All kinds of stones, breaking and grinding
  • Workers doing clerical and accounting work at the construction site
  • Cement, concrete, brick tillers
  • Any operation related to dam, bridge, road construction or building construction.
  • Flood Management
  • Installation and repair of cold and hot machinery
  • Installation and repair of fire fighting system
  • Large mechanical works – machinery, bridge construction
  • Internal decoration work of houses / buildings
  • Installation and installation of window, grill, door etc.
  • Establishment of Modular Kitchen
  • Community Park or Pavement Construction
  • Briquette construction work on brick kilns
  • Soil, sand, maurang mining work
  • Installation of security doors and other equipment
  • Installation of lift and automatic steps
  • Tipping of cement, brick etc.
  • Clay work
  • Lime
    41 Apart from these, let me tell you that if you have done 100 days of work under the MNREGA scheme, then you can apply for Mazdoor card.

Eligibility Assam Labour Card Application Form

  • Every building & construction worker who is an Indian Citizen and permanently resides in the State
  • and who has completed 18 (eighteen) years of age; but has not completed 60(sixty) years of age i.e. within 18 to 59 years of age
  • and who has been engaged in any building & other construction work for not less than 90 days during a year or immediately preceding a year
  • and who is not a member in any other Welfare Fund established under any Law shall be eligible for registration as beneficiaries under this Act & Rules framed thereunder.

Required documents Assam Labour Card

  • Group ‘A’: Nationality Proof:- Certified copy of the NRC.,
  • Copy of the Valid Pass Port.
  • Certified Copy of the Voter list.
  • Land Document with recently Rent paid Receipt.
  • Group ‘B’ Permanent residential Proof:- Certified Copy of the P.R.C. issued by the appropriate Authority.
  • Certificate from the Gaon Burah of concerned village.
  • Certificate from the president/Secretary of the concerned village Panchayat.                        
  • C” Age Proof:-    Birth Certificate.
  • School Certificate.  n absence of the above certificate a certificate from the Medical Officer not below the rank of Assistant Surgeon in Government Service.      
  • Group “D”: Qualifying working period:- Certificate from the individual employer/contractor/establishment.
  • In absence of the above certificate a certificate from a Registered Construction Workers’ Union of the concerned area or from the Assistant Labour Commissioner of the concerned area or from the Executive Officer of Panchayat of concerned area.
  • Group “E”: In case of living in a rented house:- Certificate from the house owner with a copy of the Electricity Bill.
  • Photograph of Applicant & Nominees:- Every applicant shall be instructed to submit 4 copies of his/her recent Pass Port Size Photograph and 2 copies of his/her declared nominees recent Pass Port Size Photographs alongwith his/her application

Issue of Registration Identity Card & Keeping of records thereof:-

  • Assam Labour Card – Every qualified applicant worker who deposited the requisite Registration Fee & 3(three) months Membership contribution in advance shall be registered as beneficiary by issue a Registration Identity Card in Form Number. XXXI as prescribed under Rule 269(8) of the Building & Other Construction Worker (RE&CS)  Assam Rules 2007 quoting the Registration Number. Identity Card Number. in serial order.
  •  The Registration Number shall be allotted to every registered beneficiary in unique as stated in the “LIST OF DISTRICT WISE UNIQUE NUMBER OF REGISTRATION” in Annexure- A attached hereto.
  • The locality where the Registration Office is situated shall be mentioned at the relevant space of the 1st Part of the Identity Card issued.
  • The Identity Card Number shall be quoted at relevant space on the 1st Part of the Identity Card as only the District & Locality Alphabetically Code with the serial Number of Registration allotted.
  • Office Seal of the Registering Officer shall be put on the bottom corner of the affixed photograph of the beneficiary at the relevant space of the 1st Part of the Identity Card.
  • The Particulars of issued Identity Card shall be recorded in the “Register of Identity Card” serially in District wise in the prescribed Form No XXXII as Annexure ‘F’. At least 5(five) workers’ particulars shall be recorded in every pages of the Register.
  • As the Act & Rule are silent in respect of issue of Duplicate copy of the Identity Card if required, the Board has decided that in case of lost/destroyed the Identity Card a duplicate copy of such card may issue to the beneficiary concerned on payment of Rs. 50/-(Rupees Fifty) only along with the application for the purpose. The destroyed copy shall be submitted along with the application. The Duplicate Fees so received through Money Receipt shall be credited in to the Boards Administrative A/C No. 30813858906. Issue of Duplicate Copy shall be recorded in the “ Register of  Received Application for Duplicate Identity Card & Issue thereof” as prescribed in Annexure-Kattached hereto which shall be reported to the Board Head Quarter Office.
  • It shall be reported to the Board Head Quarter along with the Bank Account Pay-in-Slip (Deposit Slip) of such deposit within 7(seven) days from the issue.
  • This Identity Card is not transferable.
  • If any registered beneficiaries left his job of construction works, his/her memberships shall be ceased. No Provision in the Act & Rules to refund the deposited amount of contribution to such worker.
  • It shall be ascertained before issue of Identity Card that the applicant workers have not applied or registered himself & get Identity Card at any other offices either in this Boards or in any other Welfare Boards.

Account Pay Book:-

  • 1. One Account Pay Book of 20 pages bearing 3(three) Parts of which the 1st Part is
  • for the member concerned 2nd Part for Boards Office & 3rd Part as Bank’s Copy
  • shall be issued to every registered beneficiaries to deposit their regular monthly
  • contribution, defaulting fines, and any other douses etc. if and when required
  • into the Board’s A/C Number.31312956008 which is printed on every slip of
  • Account Pay Book at their nearest Branches of the State Bank of India as

Annexure ‘H’.

  • The beneficiaries shall be instructed to fill up the slips of A/c Pay Book and the process to deposit their regular monthly contribution of membership for 3(three) months in advance regularly and to submit the Board’s Part of Account Pay Book slip before the Registering Officer concerned within next 3 days of deposit and all other instruction noted on the cover page of Account Pay Book.
  • After use of all slips of the Account Pay Book an additional Account Pay Book shall be issued to the beneficiaries concerned on production of the complete used Account Pay Book with an application for the purpose.
  • If the Account Pay Book have lost/destroyed another Book shall be issued to the beneficiaries concerned on payment of Rs. 50/-(Rupees fifty) only on application for the purpose.
  • The destroyed copy shall be submitted along with the application. The Duplicate Fees so received through Money Receipt shall be credited in to the Boards Administrative A/C No. 30813858906. Issue of Additional or Duplicate Copy shall be recorded in the “Register of Received Application for Additional/Duplicate Account Pay Book & Issue thereof”
  • as prescribed in Annexure-L attached hereto which shall be reported to the Board Head Quarter within 7 (seven) days from issue of such Additional / Duplicate Account Pay Book alongwith the Book Account Pay-in-Slip (Deposit Slip) of required deposit.

Deposit of Monthly Membership Contribution

Assam Labour Card –Every registered beneficiary shall have to pay his monthly membership contribution of Rs. 20/- P.M. for three months in advance regularly to retain his membership in the Welfare Fund. If any beneficiary wishes to deposit his monthly membership contribution for a year in advance he may remit the same.

If a beneficiary fails to deposit his monthly membership contribution continuously for a period of 1 (one) year his membership shall be ceased and shall be deprived from any benefits under any schemes stipulated under the Building & Other Construction Workers’ (RE&CS) Assam Rules, 2007 and shall be lost his previous deposit if any.

However, he may resume his membership on payment of arrears of contribution with a fine of Rs. 2/- P.M. with an application to the Member Secretary or the concerned Registering Officer for the purpose. Such resumption shall not be allowed more than twice.  \

Calculation of Defaulting Fine

Suppose a person has failed to pay monthly contribution w.e.f. 1st January 2011 to 31st December, 2011 and he willing to pay his due unpaid contribution in the months of January, 2012 with requisite fine Rs. @ 2/- P.M. for this defaulting period. Then he shall be paid his unpaid monthly contribution amounting to Rs. 456/- including the requisite fine of Rs. 156/- as follows.

QuarterMonthMonthly ContributionDue Fine @ Rs. 2/- P.M.Total dues with fine

  • 1stJanuary, 1120/-24/-44/-February, 1120/-22/-42/-March, 1120/-20/-40/-
  • 2ndApril, 1120/-18/-38/-May, 1120/-16/-36/-June, 1120/-14/-34/-
  • 3rdJuly, 1120/-12/-32/-August, 1120/-10/-30/-September,1120/-8/-28/-
  • 4thOctober, 1120/-6/-26/-November,1120/-4/-24/-December,1120/-2/-22/-
  • 1stJanuary, 1220/-020/-February, 2120/-020/-March, 1220/-020/-
  • Total300156/-456/-

membership contribution is the monthly

Whereas the membership contribution is the monthly contribution & not quarterly contribution and whereas he failed to pay his due monthly contribution w.e.f. January, 2011 to 31st December, 20111 he shall be liable to pay fine 24/- @ Rs. 2/- P.M. for 12 month i.e. from January, 2011 to 31st December, 20111. Again from the period of month from February, 2011 to December, 2011 shall be paid of Rs. 22/-. In this way he shall be liable to pay fine upto December, 2011 at Rs. 156/-

and as he will be paid his unpaid monthly contribution in the month of January 2012 for 3 (three) month in advance he shall have to pay Rs. 456/- including fine upto December, 2011. This is the calculation only for defaulting 12 month. On the increasing of defaulting months the amount of the fines will be increase at Rs. 2/-P.M. as per the above calculation.
It shall be noted that the month of registration of a beneficiary will be first month of first quarter of his registration. 

Assam Labour Card Application for Registration of beneficiaries :- असम लेबर कार्ड ऑनलाइन आवेदन कैसे करे

Follow all the steps given here for the Assam Labor Card Application Register, after which you will be able to easily apply for Assam Labor Card.

  • First of all, you should go to the official website of Assam Labor Card
  • Here you will have a page open like this which you can see here
  • After coming to this page, you have to click on Informetion & Service.
  • After which you will have three options in front of you, you have to click on Registration of Plantation.
  • After this you will have a new page open
  • After coming to this page, you have to click on Registration under Assam Plantation Labor Rules.
  • After this, you will have a new opge open which you can see here
  • Here is how to fill the application form along with the application form and what is the method for making the Assam Labor Card, where to submit it, etc. The complete process has been told.
  • So first of all download the application form from here
  • After that you have to fill the application form in full
  • After which you have to put all the necessary documents with this application form and submit this application form to your labor department.
  • In a matter of time your labor card will be ready.

Assam Labour Card – असम लेबर कार्ड से जुड़े प्रश्नों के उत्तर

  • असम लेबर कार्ड क्या है?
    • लेबर कार्ड सभी मजूदर की पहचान आयडी होता है असम सरकार राज्य के सभी मजूदरो को लेबर कार्ड बनाने के लिए लेबर कार्ड योजना को शुरू किया गया है इस श्रमिक कार्ड से मजदुरो को बहुत सी सरकारी योजनाओ का लाभ मिलता है.
  • असम श्रमिक कार्ड के लाभ क्या है?
    • श्रमिक कार्ड से मजदुर को बहुत सी योजनाओ का लाभ मिलता है लेबर कार्ड से मजदुर को चिकित्सा, बच्चो को छात्रव्रत्ति, परिवार को पेंसन और अन्य बहुत सी योजना का लाभ दिया जाता है.
  • असम मजदुर कार्ड के फायदे क्या है?
    • असम मजूदर कार्ड बनाने से सभी मजदूरो का बिमा किया जाता है जिसके तहत अगर किसी मजुदुर कि कार्य करते समय अगर मृत्यु हो जाती है तो उसके परिवार को मजदुर का बिमा मिल जाता है और अन्य बहुत सी योजनाओ एक लाभ मजदुर के परिवार को दिया जाता है.
  • असम लेबर कार्ड कि ऑफिसियल वेबसाइट कोनसी है?
    • official website – labour.assam.gov.in
  • असम लेबर कार्ड कैसे बनाये?
    • असम के सभी मजदुर असम श्रमिक विभाग की ऑफिसियल वेबसाइट पर जाकर लेबर कार्ड के लिए ऑनलाइन आवेदन कर सकते है आपको लेबर कार्ड के लिए ऑनलाइन आवेदन करने की जानकारी को आर्टिकल में दिया गया है.
  • असम लेबर कार्ड का हेल्पलाइन नंबर कितना है?
    • असम लेबर कार्ड हेल्पलाइन नंबर – 0361-2237289
  • असम लेबर कार्ड के लिए अप्लाई कोन कर सकता है?
    • लेबर कार्ड के लिए असम राज्य का स्थाई निवासी मजदुर आवेदन कर सकता है.
  • लेबर कार्ड असम के लिए आवेदन प्रिकिर्या क्या है?
    • असम लेबर कार्ड के लिए मजदुर ऑनलाइन और ऑफलाइन दोनों माध्यम से आवेदन कर सकता है\

दोस्तों अगर आप को यह जानकारी अच्छी लगी है और आप इसी तरह कि जानकरी को वीडियो के माद्यम से देखना कहते है तो आप हमारे youtube चेनल (सरकारी योजना) पर जाकर देख सकते है अगर दोस्तों वीडियो कि जानकारी आपको अच्छी लगी है तो आप हमारे चेनल को सब्सक्राइब करे और गंटे का निशान पर क्लिक कर देना जिससे आप को हर रोज नई- नई योजनाओ कि जानकारी प्राप्त होती रहे

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