Landline Questions related to Landline Phone google Questions

Landline Questions related to Landline Phone

How it can be tested when no landline phone?

We need a lab to test the landline. We also need to have knowledge of computer language. Changing our voice to computer language, then listening to the same voice in front of the person in their language is a phone call.

Request for landline connection due to transfer in job place

If you are checking your location and you have to also check your landline canection, then you can apply for this by going to your nearest exchange, after which you can set up your connection where you want to set up the same landline number with the same number. Will get together

If landline NO is provided with fiber optic broadband

If you need internet with landline then you can take fiber internet or broadband connection with landline connection, for this you have to pay a separate charge, for broadband connection you have to pay money every month according to internet plan. You can apply while taking the connection or even later

Let me know the procedure for online payment of landline phone

Google Pay can be a good option to pay landline number, if you want to pay your landline connection online from your mobile, then you can easily do it with Google Pay without any other charge.

Jio FIBRE calling can be heard from other phone using same number of Jio landline

For this, you may need separate setup and permission, in ordinary cases it cannot be done. If you get permission then you can do this, for this you must have complete setup.

What is the recharge bill for 1 month for landline phone?

For landline connection, you have to pay per call and according to the time you call, for this, you do not have to pay a fixed charge, you have to pay as much as you talk.

chainpur u.p panchayat landline numbers

For any landline of any panchayat you do not get this, for this you can get the facility of any person like Sarpanch Panch, Gram Sevak, you can get the number of the same person from that panchayat.

Whether Sulabh landline plan can be used in his mobile also by the customer

Sulabh landline scheme cannot be availed by mobile phone service

BSNL landline disconnection application form in Hindi

For BSNL landline disconnection application form, you have to go to the official website of BSNL, for this you can also look for online application and can see the offline application form of BSNL official website –

How to Find Address using landline number in Chennai?

To find out using the landline number in Chennai, first of all you have to decide what you want to find and for this you can take recourse to the law. If you want to find a landline number, then you will get help from the police. That require

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