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Odisha Labour Card Application Form

Odisha Mazdur Card – Do you know that any person working in the unorganized sector can make their Majdoor card and can take advantage of this scheme started by the government, the unorganized sector means many carpenters, blacksmiths, road workers , Mazdur doing the construction work, Mazdur doing the work of Belding, Mazdur working NREGA till here, can also take advantage of this scheme. Departments have been started for the Mazdur card in which LDMS, BOCW (Board of Contruction welfare)

About Odisha Majdur Card – (ଓଡିଶା ମଜଦୁର କାର୍ଡ ବିଷୟରେ |)

The board provides the following benefits to registered building and other construction workers: – Assistance in case of accident, Death benefit, Assistance for funeral expenses, Medical assistance under RSBY and BKKY, Marriage assistance, Maternity benefit, Educational assistance, Assistance for purchase of means of work, Assistance for purchase of two-cycle , Assistance equipment for procurement of security, Housing Assistant under Nirmana Shramik Pakdi Ghar Yojana, financial assistance for skill upgradation, recognition for pre-teaching and skill development of construction worker etc.

How to make Odisha Majdur Card

If you are a Mazdoor and your Mazdoor card has not been prepared, then you can make your Mazdoor card online. There is an existent Act in our country, under which work is required to be done for the development of the workers of the country, under which the state government workers according to their state For the new scheme is started from time to time, first of all know that Mazdur card can be made from cone to Mazdur, after which you will know about its eligibility and application, so let me tell you that Mazdur card is also known as Shramik Card. Goes and the Mazdoor card is known as the Labor Card

Odisha Labor Card Eligibility

If you talk about Odisha Majdur Card eligibility, then Conse Majdur can apply for Odisha Mazdur Card, here you can apply online for Odisha Majdur Card fulfilling the following eligibility.

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Odisha
  • Applicant’s income should not exceed 3 lakhs
  • No lawyer doctors etc. can apply for this scheme
  • Applicant should have 100 days work details
  • Welding work
  • Carpentry
  • Digging well
  • Rolling roller
  • Thatch
  • Mason work
  • Plumbering
  • Blacksmith
  • Mosaic polish
  • Road construction
  • Mixer run
  • Panting
  • Electric work
  • Hammer
  • Tunnel construction
  • Tile installation
  • Removal of sediment from the well
  • Rock breaking or miners
  • Spray work or mixing related to work-road construction
  • Marble and Stone Work
  • Attention – to provide security at the construction site
  • All kinds of stones, breaking and grinding
  • Workers doing clerical and accounting work at the construction site
  • Cement, concrete, brick tillers
  • Any operation related to dam, bridge, road construction or building construction
  • Flood management
  • Installation and repair of cold and hot machinery
  • Installation and repair of fire fighting system
  • Large mechanical works – machinery, bridge construction
  • Internal decoration work of houses / buildings
  • Work of installation and installation of window, grill, door etc.
  • Establishment of modular kitchen
  • Community park or sidewalk construction
  • Briquette construction work on brick kilns
  • Soil, sand, maurang mining operations
  • Installation of security doors and other equipment
  • Work of installation of lift and automatic steps
  • Cement, brick, etc.
  • Clay work
  • To make lime
  • Apart from these, let me tell you that if you have done 100 days of work under MNREGA scheme, then you can apply for Mazdoor card.

Document Odisha Labor Card

  • Who needs a document from the cone to apply for the Odisha Labor Card
  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card
  • Family ration card
  • Bank account pass book
  • income certificate
  • 100 days wages work certificate like NREGA card or you have done it with any contractor, then you have to get it made from your contractor.
  • identity card
  • Port size photo of the applicant
  • With all these documents you can make your own Mazdoor card

Odisha Labor Card Online Application Form

To apply for Odisha Labor Card online, you have to follow the following steps. After which you can easily submit the application form for Odisha Labor Card, here you have been given complete information about how to create Odisha Labor Card.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of Odisha Labor Card
  • There will be a page open in front of you, which can be seen here
  • To come to this page, click on Download
  • After this you will have another such page open in front of you,
  • which can be seen here
  • Here you have to click on the registration form for the new application.
  • After this you will have such a PDF file option in front of you, which can be seen here
  • In this pdf file you will get 7 page application form
  • You have to download this PDF file and print it
  • After this you have to fill this application form in full and with all the necessary documents
  • To be submitted to labor department office
  • After this, your labor card will be made at your home in a few days.

Odisha ONLINE Benefit SoP for DLO

System operation Procedure (SoP) for Online Benefit Approval Procedure by DLO for all benefits. DLIN LOGIN after which you will have dashboard like this

  • Choose the BENEFIT Type
  • Verification/ view details of BENEFIT Application
  • Select Type of Benefit & Submit for forwarding to DM
  • Benefit List (not sent status) will display for forward to DM
  • Put remark and Submit for approval
  • Print the verified list and send to DM for approval
  • Unique reference ID may be noted and Generated list can be printed
  • Once approved from DM, as per the reference id, the list can be updated
  • into the system by ticking the option as shown followed by Approved Button Post collector approval, enter Ref No. & Datefor record and Submit
  • CSV list generate for BANK by clicking GenerateCSV
  • Note:
  • • Send the CSV file to Bank until the Payment Gate-Way integration
  • takes place by the Board.
  • • Do not open the CSV ( Comma Separated Value) file in Excel format.
  • • It may change the date / account number format as per the local
  • setting in Excel file.

Odisha Labor Card Scheme Form Download

If you want to download the Odisha Labor Card Form or any scheme of Labor Card, then how can you do this, here you have been given complete information through which you can download any form associated with Odisha Labor Card.

Odisha Labor Card Helpline Number

If you have any problem with the Odisha Labor Card Scheme or you have a complaint, you can contact the Odisha Labor Card helpline number, here we have provided all the helpline tollfree numbers, you can call your numbero and register your problem or complaint. is Odisha Building & Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board,
Office of the Labour Commissioner ,Odisha
Unit-3 ,Kharavel Nagar, Bhubaneswar , Odisha.
Phone/Fax :   +91674-2390079
E-Mail : obocwwboard(at)yahoo(dot)com

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